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  • July 4, 2018

    FLAX it up: Flax seeds to...

    Do you know the value of flax seeds in your diet? Suddenly, there seems to be a “flax revolution”!!! Every second person is talking about adding Flax seeds in their foods. If you have a bottle of ground flax seed in your kitchen shelf and use it regularly, then you...

  • July 4, 2018

    Using a Detoxification Massage Strategy

    When one clears out his or her body through a total detoxification system there are many benefits that are typically experienced.

  • July 2, 2018

    Surprising Health Promoting Benefits of Yoga

    Today Yoga is seen as an effective way to exercise, but historically it has been much more than that. It was a way of life. It requires you to embrace a lifestyle and culture that surpasses meditation and involves healthy eating, bathing, and breathing habits.

  • July 2, 2018

    Fitness Centre’s: An Investigation

    Today, we have many Indians who are obsessed with health, and yet we are a nation with 3rd highest density of obese individuals. Obesity in this country has reached epidemic proportions, and we have more available than at any other time in history to help us control our weight.

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