August 3, 2018

Say “YES” to fruits

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What do you know about fruits? And do you eat them enough? During my nutrition consultation sessions, when I ask “How often do you eat fruits?” I prepare myself to hear some shocks. I have had situations where people said they ate once or twice a week, once in 15 days or even once or twice a month. This is definitely alarming because as per the dietary requirements & guidelines, for better health, we need to eat at least two servings of fruits every day!!! Yes, Every single day!!!
On the contrary, I have also seen a good number of people who love fruits and eat regularly. But, here are top 5 reasons why fruits should be consumed every single day.

1. They are full of fiber. Fiber helps in better digestion promoting a healthy abdomen. A person with a healthy gut is definitely a happy person. Fiber also regulates our sugar levels, helps control blood pressure and cholesterol.

2. They are low in calories and are very effective during weight loss. Fruits, by default are low in fat and zero in cholesterol and hence should never be avoided, specially while trying to lose weight.

3. Fruits are rich in minerals that help in enhancing various organ performances. They reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, They are low on sodium and rich in potassium thereby taking care of our heart health.

4. Fruits are rich in antioxidants thereby protecting us from diseases. This also helps us delay ageing process. Fruits are protective foods and hence cleanses our systems and increases our immunity

5. They are so rich in vitamins such as Vitamin C, A, K ,Folic acid and more which is primary for all cellular functions and repair system. Fruits also help in absorption of protein and hence should not be missed if you are on a high protein diet.

About 2 servings of minimum 150 grams each of fruits should be included per day to enhance your health quotient and energy levels. Lets say “YES” to fruits!!!

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