Surprising Health Promoting Benefits of Yoga

Today Yoga is seen as an effective way to exercise, but historically it has been much more than that. It was a way of life. It requires you to embrace a lifestyle and culture that surpasses meditation and involves healthy eating, bathing, and breathing habits. Yoga promotes a physical culture of health and well being, and that explains why more than 15 million people across the globe practice this ancient Indian tradition.

Here are some good reasons how Yoga promotes your physical and spiritual well being.

Lowers stress and promotes good mood

Some Yoga methods involve specific meditation techniques which help to focus the mind on breathing. This calms your mind from constant chatter and relieves stress, making you feel more relaxed. Practicing Yoga boosts oxygen supply to brain, leaving you feeling happier and more content with everyday life.

Improves confidence

Yoga not only helps uplift your spiritual values, it also helps to boost your confidence. Certain meditation techniques play a pivotal role in releasing tension from your mind, making you more confident. Moreover as Yoga works towards relieving you from any form of anxiety, you will find yourself better placed in terms of establishing an internal connection with yourself.

Lowers risk of injury

Exercises like running, which involve rapid forceful movements, exposes you to higher risk of injury and increased muscle tension. Many exercises lead to imbalance of opposing muscle groups, but Yoga on the contrary, emphasizes on balancing activities. Since Yoga unites your body and mind, you move in a way that is injury free and much healthier.

Promotes weight loss

You already know that obesity is the sign of many kinds of diseases such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, increased cholesterol levels etc. Obesity is caused when there is an imbalance in your everyday life, while stress is the biggest contributor towards obesity. Yoga helps you experience a deep sense of relaxation. This helps to de-stress and ultimately allows you to lose weight naturally.

Increased flexibility

I have often heard from Yoga beginners that their body is not flexible enough to do certain Yoga postures. In reality, it doesn’t really matter how stiff your muscles are. Yoga asanas work by safely stretching your muscles and helps you to practice further. Yoga increases the range of motion in the joints and stretches soft tissues in the body, thereby allowing you to move around more freely.

One of the best things about Yoga is that it can be practiced pretty much anywhere, in the studio, in the park, in the office, at the beach, while on holiday, and even at home. However there are some excellent destinations that offer simply amazing Yoga packages. Explore ZingUpLife to learn more about all available options.

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