Is Your Partner Stressed at Work? Spot and Deal Early for Help

Dealing with Work Stress of Partner

Spot and Deal Early with Partner’s Work-stress

While stress is inevitable in modern work life, that should not affect the chemistry of your relationship. There are always certain symptoms of mental health issues that often surface in your partner due to prolonged stress. As a loving spouse, before inquiring how to deal with stress in your partner, it is crucial for you to pick up those hints in the first place. Read on and find out stress symptoms and those recurring anxiety behaviours­ that can give a telltale sign that your partner needs support.


Getting irritated at the drop of a hat


When under stress your partner tends to get moody. Naturally, he/she vents ire at every given opportunity without fail.  If just a customary inquiry about a misplaced item makes him/her fume, you can be pretty sure that it’s stress at work that fuels it.


Dragging work to weekends instead of going out  


You look forward to the weekend for a good time.  But are you really able to spend your weekends the way you plan to? Or do you feel forced to stay put just because your partner has ‘mounds of work to finish’? Stress at work could be at play here, again.



 But if your partner has started abusing you, it may be high time to confront him/her. However, it is important to understand that your partner is also suffering, so talk in a loving and non-accusatory way. Instead of saying ‘You did x or y’ say, ‘I feel that x or y is not right’. Let your spouse know that you are on his/her side and want to find a solution for the betterment of the relationship.


Looking the other way when you hint at sex


Although quintessential to marriage, sex is the first casualty in a relationship that reels under stress. If your partner is exhausted, burnt out and doesn’t sleep well because of stress it’s quite likely that he/she will say no to sex.


Failing to read you like before


Good relationships are built on subtleties. Unlike in the past, if your partner just doesn’t ‘get you’, it’s an indication that he or she is way too stressed and not able to express or receive love. If one has to make everything explicit in a relationship, it’s pretty much sure that it’s headed for doom. Time to act!


Dissatisfied always


When people are at peace with themselves they learn to be content with what they have. If your partner is not satisfied with anything and has turned into a grumbler he/she may be under severe stress. He/she is just not able to find joy in day to day life. Removing the cause of stress can quickly take him/her back to past temperament.


Anxious about everything


When your partner is anxious, everything may look disastrous to him/her. If he/she finds the seemingly innocuous a threat and thinks that everything around is about to crash down and gets a panic attack, it’s a clear case of stress. Support him/her. This anxiety has stemmed from stress.


Emotionally unavailable


A good relationship is all about caring. There are times when partners need to support each other emotionally. If one of you come back from work after having a bad day and needs support, you expect your partner to provide it. If he/she makes matters worse by being careless, be sure that stress is at work.


Spending more time with others than with you


In good relationships, couples look forward to spend time with each other. It’s a healthy practice. However, there are times when your partner prefers to spend more time with their friends, children or even pets at home in order to avoid talking to you. As a result you may feel ignored and deprived of love and warmth. This is a classic example of escapism or avoidance behaviour and is a serious situation that requires help.


Now you know the symptoms to look for if you feel that your partner is stressed at work. But how can you help him/her beat the stress and start enjoying life?

Taking a Break, Travel, Hobbies, Yoga are known to give some relief.


In the digital age, technology can be of great help to spot and suggest course. One of them has even Artificial Intelligence at the backdrop for you to access. Lucky it comes as a web-based service with zero cost which can save your partner and your relationship. This wellness gateway is called ZingUpLife which can be used for spotting stress anytime, through mobile, tab or PC …


Hope to find you as a supporting spouse while your partner is in distress due to work. Make the best out of your marriage. For more information on this you can connect with us on our social platforms.

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