Smoking is dangerous. Obesity is more so!

Obesity worst tban smoking

ZingUpLife – Obesity worse than smoking.


Hard to believe, isn’t it? We also didn’t believe it. But a recent joint survey by Cleveland Clinic and New York University will raise your eyebrows. The survey does confirm that obesity is more dangerous than smoking.

As per the study, the number of life-years lost to obesity is 47% more than the number of life-years lost to smoking. Isn’t it, therefore, the right time to create awareness about the dangers of obesity and help people stay healthy and happy? Of course, it is.


What is obesity?

Let’s start with asking ourselves the basic question: What is obesity? To put it simply, Obesity is the accumulation of excessive body fat.

When individuals take more calories than they can burn, the body stores those ‘extras’ as fat. As a result people become obese and more prone to life-threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea and respiratory problems, even certain types of cancer.


What causes obesity?

It’s not possible to attribute one single reason for obesity as the condition is caused by various reasons. However, broadly, we can categorise them into behavioural, environmental and genetic reasons.


It’s a fast-paced world. And that makes it normal for a lot of people to ‘eat out’ than to eat at home. Often what they grab as ‘on the go food’ is high in calories resulting in the accumulation of fat. Coupled with such unhealthy eating habits is a sedentary lifestyle with an aversion towards physical activities.


Today’s environment promotes a culture that is unhealthy in myriad ways. Walking has been replaced with driving; playing is no longer a physical activity but about lying on the couch glued to the tab or phone; eating is not what it used to be but binging on junk food often along with high-calorie soft drinks.


Obesity can be genetic. However, scientists are yet to find out an exact reason that causes obesity. What baffles them is that not all children of obese parents are obese. A lot of research is currently underway in order to find out which genes contribute most to obesity.


How obese is India?

According to Obesity Foundation India, 30 million people in the country are obese. The organisation also predicts a 100% increase in the number in the next five years. In another study, the organisation has found out that 15% of children in India are obese. Hypertension, diabetes and such co-morbidities are on a rise among them.

Is there a way out? Indeed, yes. With the help of teachers, parents and health practitioners, the obesity rate among children can be brought down. For adults, physical activities, a healthy diet and behavioural changes can pave the way to health and happiness.


Fat tax –Kerala declares war on junk food

he Finance Minister of Kerala Dr. Thomas Isaac imposed a 14.5% tax on branded restaurants selling pizzas, burgers and doughnuts in his budget for 2017-18. Earlier in the fourth round of the National Health Survey, Kerala had registered the second-highest rate of childhood obesity in the country, just behind Punjab.

Widely hailed as a welcome move for its pro-health considerations, the government of Kerala expects to bring forth a positive outcome in the form of lowered obesity among children with the imposition of fat tax.


So where’s the help? Answer: Technology

Though technology is occasionally blamed for rapid and unhealthy changes in lifestyle, it can bring about a massive change in the way we live. Today, newer Wearables are getting popular as many users have noticed that such devices deliver on the benefit they promise.

Such Wearables  perform a range of tasks – from counting heartbeat to monitoring the amount of calories burnt to counting number of steps taken. However, many people hesitate to take the first step and miss out on the benefits.

In the words of Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese philosopher and writer, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” How to take that step? The step is here. ZingUpLife has created a gateway that will be helpful for you. Open sesame… Enter Here…

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