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Green teas have been present since ancient times. According to studies, compared to any other drink, green tea has several benefits to health. The Japanese and Chinese, for thousands of years, have had immense knowledge on how medicinal green tea can be. It can be the answer for almost every ailment ranging from physical to mental or emotional problems. This has been the secret ingredient for longevity, where the Orientals have the highest rate for people over the age of a hundred.. Green teas have been helping numerous ailing people for almost 4,000 years now, however it was only recently that green tea has been introduced and has become popular throughout the planet.

Drinking green tea is a traditional treatment. But even so, it is paving its way into helping out a lot of people regarding their weight, diet and both physical as well as mental health. There are a lot of studies that show how green tea has inhibited or reduced the growing risk of cancer. In fact, now there are several popular doctors who recommend green tea and even endorse some green teas in particular, that they claim plays a great role in maintaining good health.

China’s health history was pretty much a breakthrough because of green tea.  It is considered as a very important historical plant that came from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis and is produced through special processing.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough to suit me.”
C.S. Lewis

What so special about green tea?

The secret lies in Catechin Polyphenols which contains a very powerful antioxidant called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCE). This specialized antioxidant not only inhibits cells causing cancer but also kills them in the process, without even harming adjacent healthy tissues.

What are antioxidants, you may ask?

First of all, you need to understand that the body does millions of processes occurring at all times. Even when you are asleep, the brain is active and will require oxygen in order to function properly. However, the oxygen that we breathe in can create harmful side effects, or what most people know as oxidants. These oxidants or commonly known as free radicals are introduced to our system through external sources, such as pollution, stress, smoking, diet, and even exposure to the sun.

And, these free radicals are known to be one of the main contributors in the growth of cancer cells.

So, in order to counteract the effect of oxidants or free radicals, we will need to introduce antioxidants in our body. And, green tea has a lot of them. Although some foods do have antioxidants, you will see that green tea has a lot more.

In fact, the antioxidants found on green tea are much higher than that found in grape juice and red wine. This explains why there are a lot of scientists who are studying the benefits of green tea.

Besides antioxidants, this brew also contains vitamins, such as vitamin B6, which plays a vital role in the metabolism of the body, as well as vitamins B1 and B2, which are essential for releasing energy from food.

Another great thing about this tea is that it has key minerals and contains magnesium, which is essential for bone growth and body development as well as potassium, which helps in keeping the heart pumping normally and maintain the body’s fluid levels.

Aside from those mentioned above, here are some of the numerous benefits derived from green tea.

  1. Researchers claim that green tea can be the reason for Cancer prevention and even treatment of the disease.
  2. Can be used to treat Cardiovascular diseases and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  3. Reduces the risk of the effects of Oesophageal Cancer.
  4. Used traditionally to treat Multiple Sclerosis.
  5. Used effectively to treat Immune function that is impaired.
  6. Used to prevent having Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
  7. It is claimed, through intensive research, that daily consumption of green tea can prevent tooth decay. It is found that green tea can fight and kill bacteria that are one of the leading causes of plaque.
  8. It can result in a decreased risk of Heart attacks and Heart diseases by reducing Thrombosis formation.
  9. Improves the ratio of good Cholesterol against bad Cholesterol.
  10. Lastly, it is said to increase fat oxidation and metabolism inside the body. That is why it is used by many who want to lose weight without even compromising their health.

The difference in green teas, apart from the Camellia Sinensis plant extracts, is the way it is processed. Leaves of green tea are steamed or brewed that gives more reason for EGCG not to be oxidized. Black tea, on the other hand, is made through fermentation. The processes of fermenting the leaves of black tea can covert EGCG into compounds that are not even close to the effectiveness of the original compounds found in green tea in terms of fighting and preventing numerous diseases.

Caffeine in green tea?

Aside from its many advantages, green tea can have one slight so-called “disadvantage” and that is its caffeine content. Caffeine can cause a sleeping disorder that makes a person experience difficulty in sleeping which is also known as insomnia.

However, compared to coffee, green tea has less caffeine. With proper consumption, people can decrease the undesired caffeine content in their green tea.

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