Prop Yoga

A yoga prop is simply an object that is used to aid the practice of yoga poses. When we see photos of great yogis in classic yoga asanas they are usually doing postures with no props. However, the less experienced amongst us often benefit greatly from the use of props, to help us achieve the otherwise unachievable, to make a pose ‘safer’, or to get greater health benefits from a pose. 

2 classes/week 1 month RS.  1500
3 classes/week 1 month RS.  2000
3 classes/week 3 months RS.  5500
5 classes/week 1 month RS.  2500
5 classes/week 3 months RS.  6000
Unlimited classes 1 month RS.  3000
Unlimited classes 3 months RS.  7000
Unlimited classes 1 year RS.  24000
TTC students-Unlimited 1 month RS.  1500
TTC students-Unlimited 1 year RS.  12000
2016 New year offer 1 year RS.  16990