for Enterprises

Redefine workplace wellness, happiness & engagement

Cutting-edge wellness platform and a suite of employer-focused services leading to healthier & happier employees, and more productive workplaces

for Strategic Partners

Impact engagement, productivity & human asset quality

A wide variety of bespoke wellness solutions catering to various commercial domains, government agencies, educational institutions and healthcare insurers


Backed by science, we promise a healthier, happier workforce

Wellness Audits & Analytics

Cloud based assessment tools across relevant wellness continuums help identify potential improvement opportunities, and track & measure employee and company progress

Wellness-as-a-Service (WaaS)

Gamified cloud platform combining individual assessments with coaching, goal setting, rewards & social interactions, making wellness accessible and driving engagement

Workplace Programs

Over 290 evidence-based programs for physical wellbeing, nutrition, work-life integration, mindfulness, stress management and many more, led and facilitated by leading experts, practitioners & coaches


Best-in-class healthcare insurance & logistics solutions, white labbeled employee health cards, and onsite & remote employee assistance programs, with ongoing support and holistic wellness communication

Wellness-as-a-Service (WaaS)

We listened and developed a truly holistic platform for integrative employee health & wellbeing

How it works

Truly holistic platform for integrative employee health & wellbeing

App & User features

Holistic support to employees by 24/7 access to our cloud-based WaaS platform

Wellness Engineering Transformation

Integrated Workplace Wellbeing Transformation Paradigm


Concise and sustainable wellness roadmap focusing on personal health, resources & preferences


Scientifically designed programs to help optimize individual and organizational performance


Track & measure improvement, while exemplifying return on investment

Enabling transformation at


Use Cases

Building personalized experiences and more

Workplace Wellness

Balancing Work-Life,
& Emotional Wellbeing

38 %

improvement around stress & work-life balance

Leading global financial consultancy, wealth management, and advisory solutions provider


Boosting Productivity
& Performance

15.5 %

increase in total team productivity over 16 weeks

R&D division of leading Korean consumer electronics manufacturer

Community Wellbeing

Optimizing Driver health
& integrative wellbeing

92 %

enrollment in driver wellbeing pilot, across 9 locations

India’s leading SCM & corporate people transport solutions provider

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