August 1, 2018

Healthy eating: Why your child should have breakfast before school

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Healthy eating: Do we ensure it for our kids? Most often, I see children having their breakfast in their school vans or in their short breaks.We easily blame the time crunch in the mornings and brush this aside. In fact, this is one of the consequences of our busy schedules, nuclear families, erratic working hours and also not being aware of how breakfast can contribute effectively towards a positive academic performance.

1. The simple idea of  “BREAKING THE FAST” is true as children generally tend to have an early dinner and have a long gap before the first meal of the day. If this is not given appropriately, the brain cannot function smoothly resulting inhyperactive, irritated or moody mornings in the school. We definitely do not want our child to go through this internal chaos when at school.

2. Your brain, the master performer, needs to be fed if it has to kick start for the day. Having breakfast can replenish your body with the required nutrients thereby ensuring good focus, peace of mind, interest in school activities and a stable energy output. Don’t we all want our children to perform better?

3. Having breakfast at home, at the right time, with the parents support will make the child believe and follow the importance of breakfast for the rest of their life. A hurried up breakfast while commuting or during short breaks can give the impression that having breakfast is just another activity and not a practice. It must be engraved in their head that breakfast is a practice where one involves, enjoys and values.

4. Children who skip breakfast tend to overeat through the rest of the day. Moreover, when you pack the food, you really do not know if your child has eaten it at all. There can be days he/she has shared it with their friends, or even thrown it away. Also, the tendency to eat junk increases resulting in weight gain and hyperactivity. 

5. Breakfast table can be a place of emotional connect to have a quick conversation to wish your child a good day and set a positive attitude for the day.

Nutritional Principle of breakfast:
A  portion of cereal, dairy and fruit/veg must be provided to ensure its a healthy breakfast.

Healthy breakfast ideas for children:
1. Cereal flakes with milk and fruits
2. Veg stuffed paratha with curd
3. poha/veg upma/pongal + cut fruits and milk.
4. Bread omlette and milk + fruit
5. Veg and dhal rice and milk(easy to cook)
6.  Wheat/multigrain dosa with honey + fruit milk shake
7. Idlis with veg sambhar/curd and fruit milk shake/juice

Point to remember:
1. Make the necessary arrangements in the previous day to avoid a chaotic morning.
2. Dedicate at least 10 minutes for the breakfast
3. Most importantly, Understand that just because you eat late/skip it, does not mean even your child can eat late or skip. Inculcate the habit !!!

Lets work towards giving a healthy future!!!

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