June 27, 2018

Is Addiction a Disease of the Affluent?

Is Addiction a disease of the affluent?

What happens when Addiction becomes Socially-Acceptable


You’ve seen it in movies – the rich and the famous doing drugs. Then, you’ve heard of movie stars, the rich, and the famous ‘allegedly doing drugs.’ Is there an invisible thread that binds the affluent with drugs?

Drugs are a bane. And no socio-cultural group is beyond its pervasive grip. Two undeniable facts, indeed! Then what is behind this notion that drugs and the affluent live under the same roof? Is it mere stereotyping? Or is there an iota of truth in it?

ZingUpLife, the revolutionary health and wellness platform, explores the many myths that surround addiction. Read on to understand drug addiction as an ill that plagues individuals, families and societies. Understand how drugs snatch away amazing individuals with incredible talent and leave their friends, families and fans in despair.


The Drug Conundrum

If, as a class, the affluent is viewed to be more prone to addiction, there is another -and entirely different – scenario that portrays drug addicts as poor, unemployed, homeless and uneducated. Of course, the truth is hidden somewhere in between.

While cases of addiction involving the rich and famous get massive coverage, drug addicts who are from less privileged backgrounds often get looked over. Concerns are hardly raised about street children sniffing whitener. The reason being the absence of ‘newsworthiness’.

Writers, musicians, actors… there are hundreds of talented people who succumbed to alcohol/drugs,  often at a very young age. The infamous 27 Club has the ‘who is who’ of the music world, who were all tragically died of drug abuse or as a result of it.


The Black-Hole that is Addiction

Substance abuse can go awry at anytime. There is no such things as ‘moderate use’ when it comes to alcohol or drugs. Every now and then studies appear in medical journals and newspapers about how in moderation wine contributes towards a healthy heart. But no doctor will ever advise you to have wine. Why? Because eventually you may end up hitting the bottle. Once addicted, alcohol/drugs suck up victims completely. It takes immense willpower and proper guidance and counseling to persuade an individual to refrain from the path of drugs. Even after that, they may relapse. (Philip Seymour Hoffman, the American actor had been sober for 23 years before he relapsed again into the world of drugs that eventually led to his death in 2014).


Coming out of the Quagmire

The first step that needs to be taken to come out of the drug quagmire is to admit that one has a drug problem. Most often people claim that they can stop it at will. The sad fact is that they can’t. Without the addict’s cooperation, no therapy will work. Organisations like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) has been doing excellent work around the globe for decades and managed to free thousands of addicts from the shackles of drugs.


Help that is just a click away

At ZingUpLife, we aim to build a healthy and happy society. Our initiatives range from physical fitness to emotional stability.

If you know of someone struggling with a drug problem, you can rely upon us to help the person out of it. You can either log on to www.zinguplife.com  or download our app.

Remember, even the don of all dons, Vito Corleone, refuses to enter the drug business. He simply proclaims,

“But drugs, that’s a dirty business.”

Life is precious. There is no pleasure in sleepwalking through life. On the contrary, being alert and counting your blessings will make life more rewarding for you.

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