Yoga for Entrepreneurs: Mind-Body Connection

A rising number of entrepreneurs are discovering the Mind-Body connection.

Yoga, Meditation, and other Indian and Oriental-born exercises are finding a growing audience among harried business people craving inner calm. Both individual and group classes are offered at health clubs, corporate fitness centers, retreats and spas. Is it any surprise business executives from the West are heading to India for Yoga retreats, and there’s a new line of active wear that takes its name from the Sanskrit mantra ‘Om’.

Ideas that once were left-of-center are finding greater acceptance with the public, while Mind-Body fitness is a hot trending topic right now.

There are many of us who feel we are not as sharp as we would like to be; or that we lack the will power a friend or a colleague seems to have. What is not known widely – or taken with skepticism even when known – is that mental power can be enhanced by Yoga and Meditation.

Don’t worry if your Allopathic doctors dismiss this claim, or worse, laugh at it in contempt. Allopathic doctors tend to downplay such claims because Allopathy has been brainwashed into a sort of negativism.

While the Neurosurgeon himself swears by the mantra which he recites every morning, believing it is instrumental in making divine energy flow through him, he feels that the beneficial effects of Yoga on all professionals, particularly business folks, have hardly been talked about.

A Surgeon needs to take a decision quickly on the operating table. Similarly, an entrepreneur may not have more than a few minutes to decide. Supposing he has a million dollar business deal, where a decision has to be made in five minutes, he needs a brain which is stimulated and in a trim state. In this state, decision-making becomes easy and anxiety level goes down. Yoga and Meditation helps take away vacillation and helps the brain to grasp the pros and cons quickly.

In such a state not only is the brain able to think clearly, but the other systems of the body which suffer due to stress or tensions, are also spared. Also, the kinder, gentler movements typical of yoga improve flexibility, strength and muscle tone and can be much more effective than the wear-and-tear of daily aerobics, weights and running alone.

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