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Health, Happiness & Wellbeing

8BAK-C Personalized Wellbeing Assessment Inventory 

On the following screens, we’ll ask you simple questions around relevant wellness dimensions.
Don’t overthink your answers, just select how you feel today.
Your answers are private and never shared.

A Complete Wellbeing Dashboard

The empirically designed 8BAK-C personalized wellness assessment inventory helps evaluate an individual's lifestyle practices and wellbeing across all key dimensions. Start your journey towards optimizing personal health and wellbeing today!

Easily Interpretable

Explore current wellbeing status, while analyzing potential future wellbeing problems as well


Discover what you are most motivated to change, with easy interactive access



Organize, balance and improve all areas of your wellbeing, for any lifestyle

Valid & Reliable

Scientifically validated measures endorsed by leading MD's, Therapists & Life Coaches

The 8BAK-C is a world-class short and engaging cloud-based assessment tool, accessible through any online device. Participants recieve an instant and confidential wellbeing report and recommendations. In addition the tool provides an aggregated organizational profiling, enabling the development of a holistic health and wellbeing strategy. You will need an invitation code to access the inventory

What our users say

"Our employees benefit tremendously from the personalized reports, followed by outstanding support"

"An effortless, honest-to-goodness way to keep my mind, body and spirit at their peak. Highly recommended!"

"I have personally enjoyed and benefited from the 8BAK-C audit and programmes. Seamless guidance!" 

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